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9 Must Have Virtual Presence Digital Marketing Tools

Often businesses started on a whim and all the necessary marketing strategies to help a business are not taken into account. We want to ask you a simple question, do you have a virtual presence? If so what does it look like to you and potential customers? Be honest.

Virtual presence is imperative to keep your business alive and relevant.

Some business owners think of a website as an afterthought or not at all. Having a website the easiest way to create a credible virtual presence for your business. Living and functioning in the 21st century, we’re sadly dependent on being online. From schoolwork to businesses scaling and reaching customers, the internet is touching everything and everyone. We imagine you started a business to make money and to help people with a particular problem. Well, how do you plan to reach your target market?

You must have a digital component in your business.

As of today, with an actual pandemic happening you should be utilizing the following tools in your business:

  1. Website: Home sweet home. Your business website is a centralized location all other platforms will lead your target audience.
  2. Landing pages: Simple solution to share your business objective, sell something, or build awareness. Yes, you can have a landing page or landing pages and a website.
  3. Instagram: Social networking tool for your business to be as relatable as possible to your target market.
  4. Facebook: Is for creating for building a community of like-minded people that support your business and goals.
  5. Pinterest: A bit industry-specific, yet it’s a great way to talk to your ideal audience. Pinterest is a very powerful and underutilized, personal opinion. 
  6. Twitter: You can still use all 240 characters to connect with people for business and personal means.
  7. Linkedin: A business platform that is geared toward business professionals and is very industry-specific. Join groups on LinkedIn so you can meet and collaborate with or they will become a client. 
  8. Youtube: Everyone is on youtube for something. Get on it!
  9. Blogposts: Blogs tie together with having a website of building a community with Facebook. A great way to share valuable information is through blog posts.

To grow your business, you should have a presence on specific platforms that align with your business goals and target market. 

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