An important part of building a business is having powerful building blocks for longevity and increasing you bottom line. During our networking events we love to educate on the importance of finding services for your business. Now we taken thing a step further with our curated resources page. We created this hub for you to find what you need for your business to not only move forward but the next level.

Business Marketing

Business Maketing

The Lofty Entreprenuer
- Digital Marketing Strategy
- Lead Generation Magnet
- Marketing Mentorship

The Lofty Entreprenuer

Connect with Tanisha Coffey to build a business marketing strategy that works over and over again.
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Social Media Marketing

Kandie Enterprises
- SM Marketing
- SM Management
- SM Training and more

Kandie Enterprises

Connect with Kandie Martin to improve your consistency and engage with your business target audience
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Website Design

- Strategic Lead Capture
- Increase Organic Reach
- Automate Income Potential


Connect with Cayden Jacobs to increase your online visibility, increase leads and cash flow.
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Business Financial Services

Business Accounting

AMG Accounting Firm
- Small Business Accounting
- Tax Prep & Bookkeeping

AMG Accounting Firm

Connect with Amanda so you can focus on growing your business.
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Financial Services

Bridging the Gap
- Tax Benefits & Savings
- Retirement Investment

Bridging the Gap

Connect with Kendra Calhoun for learn how to build wealth multiply ways.
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Spotlight Your Business

Looking for leads? Spotlight your business today on our resource page.

Spotlight Your Business

Connect with leads and increase your cash flow, all for $1 per day. One-time fee of $30 for 30 days package.

Be A Resource for Women In Business

Share your service or product on our resources page.


$30 for 30 days

Spotlight your business today on our resource page.Connect with leads and increase your cash flow, all for $1 per day. One-time fee of $30.
You can Save $30 for 6 mo or more. You can Save $60 when you sign up for 1 year. All sales are final.

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