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In our community of women entrepreneurs, we strive to invest in the growth and development of their businesses. Opening up opportunities such as Co-hosting workshops with our platform aids our mission to empower women in business to take the lead as an expert in their field and educate them on the power of event-based marketing.

Virtual Event

Showcase Your Business Expertise!

*Must be in business for 2 years minimum, have an engaged Social Media following and active email database to qualify. Price will increase in March 1, 2024, book your workshop before the end of Feb 2024.

Solo Workshop

$ 300 one-time payment
  • 45 Minute Event
  • Newsletter Spotlight
  • Pre-Event Live Interview
  • Website Inclusion

Business Workshop Application

The application you are about to submit is for an opportunity to host a business workshop with the Women Who Network Platform. We have the following minimum requirements (that may change at our discretion): *Must be in business for three years or more, and have an engaged social media account and an active email marketing database to qualify. You will receive a notification regarding your application status via email.

NOTE: You may be contacted for more information prior to notification of the status of your application.